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Balneário Camboriú has one of the best infrastructures in the world for Digital Nomads. 

Get to know this fantastic city in the state of Santa Catarina South Brazil. Here we have a vertical city, known as the Brazilian Dubai. One of the best clubing scenary, known worldwide. In just 20 minutes drive, you have astounding paradise beaches, including six of the Brazilian thirteen blue flag beaches are in the region.

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What is the internet infrastructure in South Brazil?

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It is not difficult to find a 100 MB internet connection in most places you go in Balneário Camboriú. It is far from what we can find in most of the country. Reliable internet connection is our priority, therefore we set up 100 MB internet speed in most of our properties. Half of the city is fiber optic internet and smaller providers can serve areas where mainstream companies haven't set fiber optique services. Buildings are new and the city don't stop growing. It's not difficult to see many of the city's visitors investing here, historically. 

What do we do to make it super nice? 

  • Great and Inspiring places

  • Great People

  • Excellent Support

  • Clean

  • Affordable




Fast Internet

How do we rent our properties?

We are Airbnb co-hosts too and we love to have Airbnb securities too. We are constantly looking for great deals of properties and likeminded property owners willing to be part of our community.


We provide efficiency in our services

Freedom to live life

We love technology and we love automations too! From our social media postings to our property management, we are with a robust plan of automation. We will all be able to see a lot here as we develop. 

Nice and clean places

We like to keep it extra clean. The city is clean, we don't see littering anywhere we go. We take this to inside our properties and our efficient cleaning services. Come and enjoy. 

Group of Digital Nomads

Suporte 24/7

Support 24/7

We have a team of professionals working around the clock to keep our properties up to the best standards. From cleaning, to maintenance and property managers, there will always be someone for any questions you may have.